Unlocking the Power of Self-Care: Pamper Yourself at Our Salon Studio

Salon Studio Self Care

If you have been looking for a sign asking you to slow down and take a day off, this is it.

Modern life can be a lot to take sometimes, and a conscious effort to prioritize your mental health through self-care has shown to bear amazing gifts.

According to a national survey conducted in 2021, 64% of Americans attributed self-care to enhanced levels of self-confidence, 67% said it increases their productivity, and 71% said that it just makes them overall happier.

So, if you want to feel happier, more productive, and enjoy a boost in confidence, why not pick up your phone and set up your appointments at our salon studios today?

Our licensed cosmetology experts are professionally trained artists providing one-on-one consultations and devising custom treatments.

Salon Studio Self Care
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Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, a stunning hair makeover, or want to get your glamor on for a party or wedding, just call us for an appointment and get ready for a day of total bliss and beauty.

Top Self-Care Services Available at Our Studios

We provide all kinds of relaxation therapies and cosmetology services including waxing, haircare, beauty services, massages, manicures and pedicures, and so much more. Our salon studios operate from two locations: one in Toledo, OH, and the other in Maumee, OH.

Just get to the one closest to you and set up your appointment with one (or more!) of our expert cosmetologists. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

And now a brief preview of the amazing services our talented artists provide!

1. Haircare

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A good haircut, color, or style has transformative power. There’s very little that a good hair day cannot fix. From bouncy curls to glossy straight manes, good hair puts you into a good mood and raises you up as you go out to change the world.

Whether you are looking for a new haircut, color, or style or maybe just a salon treatment to turn those frizzy locks into healthy tresses, everything is available at our expert hair studios.

We have haircare artists that are trained curly hair professionals. You can book an appointment with them for curly-specific cuts, dyes, and treatments.

The hair treatment services we provide include Brazilian keratin, protein treatments, scalp treatments, clarifying treatments, and many more. We also offer a huge range of color treatments that suit your lifestyle, facial architecture, and personal needs. We also offer hair styling services for special occasions, such as proms, parties, weddings, corporate events, and others. From traditional cuts to trendy styles, our stylists will ensure you leave the salon feeling and looking like a million bucks.

2. Facials

Image Source: unsplash.com/Antonika Chanel

Facials have come a long way from being a monthly skincare staple to something more scientific that addresses specific skin concerns.

At Select Salon Studios, our beauty artists offer one-on-one consultations and suggest facial treatments that take care of your short-term and long-term skin needs.

So instead of just going for the latest facial trend — whether it’s hydra facials or microdermabrasion — our artists spend the time to get to know your skin and your lifestyle needs. Together with you, they create a sustainable skin healing journey that empowers and educates you to assume full control of your skin health.

3. Make-Up & Beauty

Make-Up & Beauty
Image Source: unsplash.com/Johan Mouchet

For those special events where you want to be dolled up so bright that you stop people in their tracks?

Say no more. Our makeup artists are some of the best in the business and know exactly what you are looking for.

Set up an appointment with our beauty artists a week in advance and come in for a consultation. Tell us about the event, the dress you’ll be wearing, the beauty vibe you are going for, and the kind of effect you want to have.

Then leave the rest to us as we create the perfect glam day for you. Our makeup artists are trained estheticians that know how to weave the magic of cosmetics without undermining your natural allure. In fact, our approach to makeup is rooted in skinimalism, bringing out our client’s innate beauty and creating a more authentic appearance.

4. Massages

Image Source: unsplash.com/Toa Heftiba

Nothing symbolizes self-care more than a well-executed massage that makes you fall asleep on the table!

Get a tiring day behind you by booking a relaxing massage at one of our salon spas. Opt for a Swedish massage for something tried and tested that takes care of all those stubborn knots in the back. Or choose something more trendy like crystal healing or cupping therapy and explore a new way to treat your tired muscles.

All our massage therapists are licensed professionals with years of experience. Whether you are looking for something broad-ranging like deep tissue therapy or in need of specific treatments like a trigger point massage, we have the healing experts that you can trust and rely on.

Since our massage therapists are one of the busiest people in the studios, make sure you set up an appointment early to book your slot!

5. Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and Pedicures
Image Source: unsplash.com/Chelson Tamares

Like facials, manicures (and pedicures) have come a long way. Originally made for cute aesthetics, the latest advancements in the field have turned manicures from run-of-the-mill beauty treatments to something more purpose-driven that’s good for nail and skin health.

From gel manicures to shellac manicures, we now have a huge stream of options available that takes care of hard, brittle, and chipped nails and repairs them to grow stronger, healthier, and more receptive to all kinds of color polish.

When you book an appointment with one of our expert nail techs, ask them for a quick free consult and aftercare nail tips so you can make sure to get a nail treatment that’ll last you a good few weeks.

6. Lash and Brow Work

Lash and Brow Work
Image Source: unsplash.com/Tommy van Kessel

Eyebrows work as the focal point of the face. A nice pair of brows was never as important as it is now. Thanks to celebrities like Cara Delvigne and Zendaya, brows have gained a place of prestige in the halls of beauty and allure.

Everyone is looking for structured brows now to help frame their faces more naturally and heal those heavily-tweezed hair follicles at last.

If you have similar goals in mind, our lash and brow experts are looking to hear from you.

7. Waxing

Image Source: unsplash.com/Gavin Penor

For a truly lush skin experience, waxing is the most promising way to go.

It’s safe, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Not only does it remove unwanted hair in minutes, but the waxing technique has been proven to delay hair growth, cause hair thinning, and also remove surface impurities from the skin.

The result? A luxurious-soft, smoother, and more refined skin for a long period of time.

So, whether you’re a waxing virgin or belong to the more experienced hair-free crowd, our waxing studios are some of the comfiest and safest places to get the treatment in. You’ll meet friendly professionals who’ll immediately put you at ease, and provide you with a speed-waxing experience that’ll spoil you for life.

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As Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford will say, Treat Yo Self and book your skincare appointments with us. Call us at 419-309-0009 to talk to your favorite salon artists and get ready for a lazy day at the spa.

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