Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

Tips for Curly Hair

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Stop fidgeting your hair if they are curly!  They are beautiful!

There are many women across the globe who hate their curly hair and are always finding ways to make them look straight and silky. If you are one of them, you should know that many women with straight hair dream to have wavy hair and go to salons to gets curls. So, stop detesting your curly hair and start pampering them.

It is understandable that washing, maintaining and styling wavy hair is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Like other women, who have silky and straight hair, you can also uplift and style your hair.

Thus, stop moaning and follow these hair care tips:

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Don’t shampoo your hair frequently. It is a major commandment for women with thick hair. Simply putting, wash your hair two to four times a week, not more than that. In addition, use a sulfate-free shampoo whenever you wash your hair because the shampoos that contain sulfate damage the curls.

In short, over cleaning curly hair is a big ‘nay.’

However, if you can’t live without washing your hair almost every day, use ‘co-wash’ formula. By opting to this method, you will be able to avoid the use of shampoo, which means you will be using conditioner in place of a shampoo. Also, you should deep condition your hair once a week to keep them hydrated.

Dry & Wring Your Hair with a T – Shirt

Don’t be surprised by this tip, but squeezing out water with a T-shirt prevents frizzy hair. So, whenever you wash your hair, dry and wring them with a T – shirt instead of a towel because the latter absorbs water and sucks moisture out of your hair. Furthermore, the smoothness of a T-shirt will prevent your curls from getting tangled and reduce hair breakage.

Use Wide Tooth Comb Instead of a Brush

A wide tooth comb keeps the curls intact and untangles hair. A brush, on the other hand, ruins the curls and creates frizz. So, never use a brush especially when your hair are wet.

Use a Diffuser, Not Hair Dryer

Don’t use hairdryer. Instead, use a diffuser. After washing your hair, hold a curl in your hand and squeeze it while pointing the diffuser in the direction of the curl. However, excess of everything is bad, but if the use of blower or diffuser is inevitable, apply a heat protectant on your hair.

Nevertheless, best is to use a diffuser occasionally or when you want to increase the volume of your hair.  Also, remember to turn down the heat as excess heat is detrimental.

Another alternate is to diffuse your hair using hands. By lightly touching the curls, you will enhance your curls.

Using Styling Products is Okay!

You can use multiple hair styling products, but it is better to consult a hair stylist before using a spray, serum or other products. While some products will help you in getting more volume, others will help in holding the curls.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Touching and fidgeting hair causes frizz. Thus, one should avoid touching her hair to minimize roughness and frizz.

Hair react best when they are pampered. Even the smallest efforts can make your curly hair look beautiful. However, if you need further help, visit a hair stylist and discuss your hair concerns with her.

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