What Is Skinimalism And How To Incorporate It Into Your Salon Culture


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One of the most significant behavioral shifts that came on the heels of the pandemic was a desire for slowing down and to approach things with more intention and awareness.

During and after the pandemic, we got rid of relationships (or hairstyles) that weren’t working, quit jobs (or manicures) that weren’t bringing us joy, and started ventures (or selfcare routines) that probably weren’t mainstream but brought us a lot of peace and freedom.

We’re, of course, talking about owning a Select Salon Studio. For many of our salon partners, it has been a dream-come-true like no other. For so many reasons, surely, but for this one in particular: it has made high-end skinimalism more accessible.

If you don’t know what skinimalism is, you’re probably not very active on TikTok, and we respect that.

To reward you, we have brought you the whole entire guide on what skinimalism is and how you can make it a part of all your glam appointments to give your clients the most coveted and most natural-looking no makeup makeup look.

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism — or skin minimalism — is one of those clever phrases that mean nothing and so many things at the same time.

Let me elaborate.

It started as a simplified skincare routine trend that used only 2-3 multi-use products and embraced the natural skin with all its pores and imperfections. Three years later, it has now morphed into many other things:

  1. Minimalist makeup
  2. No makeup makeup
  3. Minimalist selfcare
  4. And more.

And it’s still going strong. Every year, it makes an appearance on every list of beauty trends to follow.

The best thing about skinimalism is it loves your skin like nothing ever has. It focuses on keeping it clean, plump, gorgeous, and absolutely glowing. The glam looks that much more breathtaking and ethereal on it because the canvas underneath is clean of all grime, and shining with health.

How to become a skinimalist makeup artist?

Minimalist makeup is a subjective idea. For some, it could mean a transition from full coverage to light coverage. For others, it may refer to slimming down their skincare regimen from 7 to 4 products.

With that said, there are certain nonnegotiables that you must remember if you want to become a skinimalist MUA.

1. Recommend facial massages prior to glam appointments

Fresh, cleaned, and moisturized skin is absolutely necessary to slay the minimalist makeup look. With light foundation and lighter coverage, there won’t be any room to hide unclean, unbuffed skin.

Regular facial massages are vital to keep the skin looking glowing when you start putting on makeup. The products can seep through easily and the final result looks satin smooth. You can have these massages at a spa or learn the trade with handy YouTube videos to give your facial skin a no-fuss TLC.

2. Pick a feature as focal point

Make no mistake, the ultimate focal point when following a skin-leading makeup routine is the skin itself. Yet, to pull this off, you need a high-impact facial feature against which your skin will shine. It could be anything — your eyes, brows, lips, cheeks, whatever. Just choose one as a highlight mark and let all the other features work naturally.

Let this Zendaya look be your guiding star.

With this look, Zendaya keeps the focus on her lips, creating a minimal look with high-impact.

3. Use multipurpose products

You don’t need a cabinet full of makeup and skincare products once you adopt the skinimalism approach. Choose fewer but high-quality products that you can trust and use for different clients with different needs.

These multi-use products not only clear the clutter in your counter drawers but also help you achieve harmonious looks for each client. You’ll be able to stick with a color palette more easily, and with the use of high-end products, the glam looks you create will maintain for longer, solidifying your reputation as a masterful artist.

4. Stick with one color

We talked about sticking with a color palette, let’s see what it means.

For a minimal makeup look to work, you need to choose one color and use it for the entire face. Say, you’re going with pink. You’ll ideally use a darker hue on lips, a sheer swash on the cheeks, and a muted patting on the lids.

By working with a single color throughout the look, you achieve a natural looking face with a powerful impact.

5. End with a mist

Because you haven’t used a lot of products, you need a cool sealant to ensure the makeup doesn’t run away with natural skin oils. To maintain the look, instead of a setting spray, use a natural setting mist. These mists use natural ingredients plus SPF to ensure the look stays for longer.

Image Source: Sephora

The mist will perform the same role as the setting spray but will add a dewy shine to the look. Remember, this shine is the signature feature of the skinimalist makeup look so don’t let your clients go without it.

Practice skinimalism as an independent salon owner. Starting today!

When you work as a makeup artist under corporate salons, it can be difficult to exercise agency with client looks even when your clients trust what you are going for.

Whether it’s skinimalism or another beauty behavior that you want to adopt in your makeup approach with clients, having your own salon gives you the confidence and freedom to try that without any hurdles.

So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Fill out this form or call us at 419-309-0009 to inquire about leasing your own private salon.

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