Beauty Trends To Look Forward To In 2023

Beauty Trends 2023

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The best thing about post-pandemic fashion is the fact that individual self-expression has uncoiled itself from a deep slumber and is now rearing its pretty head all over the realm. Instead of a handful of celebrity stylists dictating what’s ‘in’, its just regular people trying on different things and posting on social media.

Take any beauty trend to test this yourself. We tried with #TrendingHair. As the images start pouring, you can see the immense rainbow of colors, cuts, styles, parts, and all the different things that people are doing to use their hair as self-expression tools.

It’s the same with makeup and beauty. Barring a few ‘trends’ (that are less trends and more like shifts in people’s behavior and outlook on life and selfcare), the rest is all open season.

So what are we doing here with our list of beauty trends for a sun-kissed 2023?

Here’s the truth: the trends you are going to see here aren’t things that are in. Rather, it’s a mix of various takes on beauty that we think are simply marvelous! So marvelous that they have been popular with celebrities, beauty bloggers, and the most discerning members of the lot, our clients.

Let’s give it a go.

1. Glimmer and shine

Gemstones, crystals, rhinestones, and more. Babes in beauty have been obsessed with jeweled makeup looks for years. But 2022 saw everyone taking it more literally. Shiny gemstones were used to enhance eye makeup, hairdos, cheekbones, and more.

But eye makeup was certainly where glittery stones made the biggest impact.

Celebrities like Julia Garner, Taylor Swift, Maisi Williams, Sydney Sweeney, and more sported the look with aplomb.

While most kept it minimal, there was no dearth of those on the red carpet as well as the runway who took their crystal-studded makeup more seriously. And we’re here for it.

So, the next time you book your glam appointment with our salon artists, don’t shy away from exploring what a bit of shimmer can do for your entire look.

2. Barefaced beauty

Remember we talked about a medley of individual styles and aesthetics that reigned the entire 2022? Well, that was eclipsed by only one beauty behavior, and that was barefaced beauty. Makeup that was barely there. Cosmetics that were more like skincare. And glam that was more natural and clean.

The barefaced beauty trend is born out of a marriage between skincare and makeup.

The last few years have seen a massive shift into people’s understanding of their skincare needs and a realization to pamper it more. Afterall, if you’re a true makeup girl, don’t you need your canvas to be clean and devoid of all impurities?

To achieve a really clean barefaced look, a good tinted moisturizer will be your best friend. That, and some cheek and lip tint that seeps into the skin and gives you that coveted ‘glow from within’. While most keep this look for everyday routines, we have actually seen brides ask for it more and more, especially during the summer months.

Select Salon artists, keep this in mind as you prepare your portfolio for happy customers in 2023.

3. Multipurpose products

As skinimalism continues to become a way of life, it’s important to invest in products that offer multipurpose benefits. Lip balms that also work as cheek tints. Brow pencils that you can apply on your eye line, smudge it up, and call it an eyeshadow. And what about everyone’s favorite clear-gel mascaras that we’ve all been using to tame our baby hairs when going for a sleek updo?

Multipurpose products
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These multi-use products not only give you a cleaner face ready for makeup but also help you put on a polished face ready for the world — and Instagram.

4. The comeback of blush

Slowly and subtlety, sure, but blushed cheeks are making a comeback. And not surprisingly. With minimal makeup routines and clean faces all the rage, a hint of blush helps seal the deal. It gives your gleaming skin a highlight point and adds a pop of color to your face.

Blushed-on cheeks have also been spotted on dolled up looks to bring together the entire look.

5. Bold lips

Bold lips have never been a passing trend. They are a classic beauty staple and have always made women look and feel powerful and confident. When she puts on red lipstick, you know the business just got real.

In 2022, bold lips were everywhere. From a classic velvety red lip to shades that were bronzer and darker, statement lips were dominantly present.

To decorate your lips with colors that pop, pay attention to your skin pigmentation. Use less product with darker tints for pigmented skin. Shinier and brighter lips look better on skin that’s pale and can use some rose.

6. Shorter, trimmed nails

A look that so many of our nail artists at our salon studios talk about is cute french manicures on shorter and trimmed nails. Clients are demanding it in bucketfuls and it is quite a refreshing thing to see.

Out with long, statement nails that weaponized women’s hands, ‘tis the season of making them look more natural but not understated.

It is such a diversion from what was happening just a year back that we had to include it in our list. And it’s another thing that seems like an extension of the skinimalism mind shift. People are looking for low-key nail art ideas that don’t require hours of prep, tons of after care, and empty your bank account.

Going into the new year, we are keeping our makeup routines smarter and our wallets full.

Note: if you are looking for simple nail care ideas, this article is a quick read with some really great tips.

7. Pink revolution AKA #Barbiecore

The Margot Robbie starrer Barbie is coming next summer, but the announcement made early this year plus the ensuing BTS photos got everyone in a meltdown.

People dropped what they were doing and a collective reexamination of the iconic plastic fashion of the 80s took flight.

Looks were recreated, reimagined, and retried. And it made all of us fall in love with pink again. So much so that entire fashion lines were released in all-pink (Valentino did it as well as Kim Kardashian) and from Met Gala to Emmys, plastic pink became fashionable once more.

The trend #Barbiecore was born on TikTok and since then it has metamorphosed into a unicorn with a pink horn with a thousand different shades. We have pastel pinks, shocking pinks, fuschia pinks, purple pinks, pinks tossed with brown to give them a dusty shade, and pinks tinctured with gel to give you that original Barbie look.

You can try Barbie core in fashion, hair, makeup, beauty, what have you. Like we said in the beginning, 2023 is going to take the individual aesthetics of this year and notch it up a thousand. Hang on tight!

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