How Do I Become An Esthetician In Toledo, Ohio?

Esthetician In Toledo

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Suppose skincare brings you joy and you consider it an integral part of self-care, healing, and wellness. In that case, you’re the best possible candidate to become a professional esthetician in Toledo, Ohio.

Ohio is an excellent state of beautiful outdoors — robust state parks, advanced hiking trails, extensive waterways with rich fishing and hunting opportunities, and countless fairs and festivals.

But as fun as all these activities sound, they all take a toll on your skin health. Fine lines, pigmentation, dry skin, and inflammation are common skincare concerns that people come to get treated for at our Select Salon Studios.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then perhaps it’s time to turn your passion for skincare into a licensed trade.

Read on to learn how to get your esthetician training, where to get it from, and what will your license exam entail.

What Does An Esthetician Do?

A licensed esthetician can offer a range of beauty and skincare services to clients; including facials, body wraps, chemical peels, spray tans, waxing, microdermabrasion, and more.

As a licensed make-up artist you can build a solid name and reputation for yourself in the beauty industry.

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The kind of job titles that you can hold include:

Types of Job Titles An Esthetician
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With the industry poised for continued growth, this is a career that can lead you to professional success with a more independent work culture and exciting work opportunities.

How to become a licensed esthetician in Toledo, Ohio:

1. Finish Your 600 Hours Of An Esthetician Training Program

You begin by registering yourself at a career training school or a private esthetician school. Both kinds are recognized by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology and provide you with education and training that enable you to sit for your license exam at the end.

To get your license, you must finish at least 600 hours of your esthetician training program. These hours are divided into different subjects that you’ll need to master before you can get your license.

Here are the subject requirements:

  • Infection Control & Principles/Practices (60 Hours)
  • Anatomy (30 Hours)
  • Specialized Equipment (30 Hours)
  • Massage (60 Hours)
  • Chemistry (30 Hours)
  • Skin Care Procedures & Practices (200 Hours)
  • Study of Skin (55 Hours)
  • Make-Up (67 Hours)
  • Artificial Lashes/Extensions (8 Hours)
  • Salon Operations & Communication Skills (40 Hours)
  • Cosmetology Laws & Rules (20 Hours)

Once you finish 50% of your esthetician training, you are eligible to pursue an internship opportunity, which can add up to 10% to your total training hours.

2. Gain practical experience with an esthetics internship in Toledo, Ohio

Continuing where we left off above, the Ohio Board allows you to pursue practical learning in the form of a salon internship once you have finished 50% of your base training.

You can choose any salon or spa for your internship, as long as it is licensed and has experienced estheticians on the staff.

As per the Board guidelines, the student can only be under the supervision of an esthetician with an experience of at least 5 years. But that supervising esthetician can only manage one student for the duration of the internship. So, if the salon takes on more than one intern at a time, each managing esthetician must have at least 5 years of experience to be able to provide supervision.

Moreover, students with less than 70% of their cosmetology training completed must not be allowed to perform chemical services on clients.

The students are also required to keep a daily journal of their internship where they can record the hours they’ve worked. This form will need to be submitted to the board and must be duly signed by the supervising esthetician.

As you can see, it is not easy to become an esthetician in Toledo, Ohio. The requirements are tough and designed to ensure students have the most thorough and updated knowledge on the matter to keep clients’ skin health at its best.

But by putting in the hard work and completing your training, you can move on to the next step of getting your esthetician license.

3. Apply For Ohio Licensing Exams

Inching closer to the finish line, it’s time to sit for your Ohio Board esthetician exam.

As an esthetician school graduate, your school and the Board will work together to schedule your exam date. While that is being done, the Board will issue you a work permit. This permit allows you to continue working as an esthetician while you wait for your scheduled exam and has an expiration date for when your exam will take place.

The exam will be divided into two parts: theory and practical.

The theory section will comprise 100 multiple-choice questions and you will be allowed to use a calculator, but no other electronic devices.

The practical section will see you at your individual workstation where you will be tasked with performing various esthetician procedures following all Board guidelines and your training.

If you are appearing for an Ohio Licensing exam as an out-of-state student (which you can only do so if you already have a license from your own state), you first need to submit an official application to the Board, submit the necessary documents, and then wait for the Board to set up your scheduled exam date.

4. Start Your Career As An Esthetician In Ohio

Congratulations! You are now a licensed esthetician in Ohio. It’s now time to join a salon or open up your own place to start working as an independent contractor.

Select Salon Studios is a great place to launch your career. We offer estheticians like you salon rental studios that can be used as your own private business. You can decorate them as you want, build your clientele, and create a culture of skincare health that you always wanted.

Our salon rentals come fully equipped with all the modern amenities that you could dream of.

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We make the salon rental experience easy and pain-free. No hassles and 100% ease of making the place your very own as soon as you sign the lease agreement.

5. Renew Your License Every 2 Years With Continued Education

The Ohio Board requires you to renew your license after January 31st of all odd-numbered years. You will also need to pay a license renewal fee as well as complete the required number of Continued Education classes.

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These classes are designed to ensure updated knowledge and instruction for all licensed estheticians in the state, and can only be taken from a Board-approved provider.


Becoming an esthetician is a deeply rewarding career choice for the right people. If you feel fulfilled when you make someone look and feel their best, you are the ideal candidate for this career choice.

Sure, the road to licensure may seem a bit rough and lengthy, but at the other end awaits a life of independence, value, activity, and knowledge.

If it sounds attractive, apply to a beauty school today, and launch your future as an expert esthetician.

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