Frequently Asked Questions – Salon Studios

General Questions About Select Salon Studios

How do I know if I’m ready for Select Salon Studios?

Take a moment to evaluate your client list. Do you have a loyal base of clients who provide you with a consistent stream of income? This is most important. Because we work together as a community of independent salon owners, the community thrives only when each independent stylist is successful—that’s why we actively seek experienced stylists with loyal client lists. If you’re not sure that you’re ready, contact us today–or send an email at and we can discuss your situation.

How much money does it take to have my own studio?

The only money you need prior to opening your studio is a security deposit equal to two weeks rent. While you’ll probably want to spend some money decorating your salon to fit your vision, we provide the shampoo bowl, a styling chair and custom cabinetry for storage so that you can be up-and-running immediately without a lot of expense.

Can I make more money by moving my business to Select Salon Studios?

There are no guarantees, but there is thorough research showing that salon professionals often show a 30% or more increase in take-home earnings when compared to traditional commission-based salons. Keep in mind that you make 100% of the profit from your services and from your retail product sales. However, salon’s success depends on a variety of different factors including the quality of service, commitment, financial management and more.

If I contact you, will it be confidential?

Absolutely! We take your privacy very seriously and guarantee complete confidentiality. We understand that you have questions, and we simply want to give you the opportunity to comfortably get as much information as possible. We have found the best way for you to explore this opportunity is by having a conversation, and this is why we promise 100% confidentiality when you call us or submit any information.

Do you ever see my client list?

No. Your client list is yours, and yours alone. Nobody will ever see your client list. Your private information will be kept private. However, we can help you determine if having your own Studio is right for you based on the approximate number of recurring clients you have, but we will never ask to see your actual list.

I’ve never had my own salon. Where do I start?

Everything starts with a phone call. We’ll show you exactly how to start your salon—and how to make a smooth, comfortable, and profitable transition into salon ownership. We know it may seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured that your success does not depend on your business experience. Your success will be determined through your talent, your ability to creatively serve your clients, and your ability to maintain and grow your client list. We believe strongly that by taking the “thinking” out of owning your own salon, you can focus on what you do best—serving your clients. After you choose your studio, and make a nominal deposit equal to two weeks rent, we will help you decide the perfect time to transition into your studio.

How long before I’m up and running in my new salon studio?

Plan 2 – 4 weeks from the moment you say “yes” to the moment you welcome your first appointment to your new salon. However, everything starts with a phone call. We’ll talk on the phone, meet in-person and tour Select Salon Studios together. If we mutually decide that we’re a good fit, then we sign a license agreement (with a minimum commitment of twelve months) and a few weeks later you’re seeing your first clients in your new studio!

Do I have to sign an agreement? How long is the agreement? Can I get out of my agreement?

Most stylists feel comfortable with a one-year agreement. Our agreement is straight forward and easy-to-understand. We value complete transparency and have put everything in place for you to succeed; when you are successful, the entire Select Salon Studios community is successful.

What about my current clients? Will they love my new salon studio?

Absolutely! Wait until you see the luxurious, hip and upscale environment we’ve created at Select Salon Studios. Plus, your clients are going to love the privacy, personal attention, and stunning spaces here! Salon communities feel more exclusive. Think about it. Does your customer really like to have a conversation that is overheard by everyone else in the room? Does he or she enjoy sitting in front of strangers with curlers or foil in their hair? Thousands of customers around the country have fallen in love with the salon community concept, and Select Salon Studios have raised the standard, improved the experience, and is ready to give you the environment your clients crave—all with your name on the door.

How do I let my current clients know that I am opening my own salon studio?

This is the fun part. We recommend that you send out a notice to all of your clients well ahead of time to let them know about your exciting venture with Select Salon Studios. If you have the time to talk to each client about your transition this is always a nice touch. We will also list your business on the Select Salon Studios website that will provide additional information about your business and your own private suite number.

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My business needs something special (i.e., ventilation for a nail tech or a dark, quiet studio for a masseuse). Can you accommodate me?

We have a number of studios that are designed to accommodate salon professionals that may need extra ventilation or an extra-quiet space to conduct their work. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Who can I contact to learn more about getting my own Select Salon Studio?

Please call or email us anytime. Please click here for our contact information.

Questions About the Studios

How much does it cost to lease my own studio?

Pricing varies, depending on location and studio size. For detailed information, your best bet is to call us.

Are there different size studios available? How big are they?

We offer three different size studios: the small single, the large single, and the double. The small singles are most popular and average approximately 105 square feet. The large singles average 140 square feet, while the doubles average 200 square feet and designed to be shared with another salon professional.

What is provided inside each studio?

Each studio is equipped with a shampoo bowl, a styling chair, custom cabinetry and styling mirrors. The double studios contain two of everything. You can also read all about the amenities provided by Select Salon Studios on our website.

What kind of access hours would I have to my studio?

There is an electronic security system that provides 16-hour access to each Select Salon Studio.

I’m concerned about security. How do I know that everything in my studio is safe?

In addition to our state-of-the-art security system and surveillance cameras, your private studio has nine-foot walls, a locking door, a locking cash drawer, and additional locking drawers to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining Select Salon Studios?

All cleaning of common areas, bathrooms, and hallways are taken care of by Select Salon Studios. However, you are responsible for the upkeep of your own studio interior.

Is there a place to do laundry on site?

Yes, we have coin-operated washers and dryers on-site.

Who do I purchase my retail products from?

For your convenience, we have developed relationships with beauty supply representatives to service our location. In addition to having convenient access to hundreds of different brands, you are also free to purchase your products from whomever you choose. Your rules, your prices, your style… your salon.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can I count on walk-in customers at my studio?

While there will certainly be walk-in customers, they will be limited. A successful Select Salon Studio owner will have already developed a list of loyal customers, and we would advise you to not depend on walk-in business for any significant portion of your income.

Is there anyone at Select Salon Studios to answer the phone, book appointments or receive packages?

As a community of independent salon owners, each Select Salon Studio owner retains his or her own private phone number, and independently manages his or her own appointment bookings and package deliveries. This allows you to control every aspect of your business so that your Select Salon Studio truly becomes your salon, your way.

Are you planning on opening future locations?

Select Salon Studios is actively planning on opening new locations. We currently operate in two locations, Maumee and Toledo in Ohio. However, if owning your own Select Salon Studio interests you right now, then it’s in your best interest to start with a conversation today. Contact us to set up an appointment.