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Beauty Trends To Look Forward To In 2023
The best thing about post-pandemic fashion is the fact that individual self-expression has uncoiled itself from a deep slumber and is now rearing its pretty head all over the realm. Instead of a handful of celebrity stylists dictating what’s ‘in’, its just regular people trying on different things and posting on social media.
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Minimalist Makeup Ideas For Fun Halloween Parties 2022!
Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone’s scrambling to put together that perfect costume. And that’s just for the regular trick or treating; add in a costume contest, and you have on your hand complete pandemonium. But there’s no need for you to worry.
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5 Tips On How To Maintain The Charm Of Your Private Salon Studio
You’re an aspiring professional who has opened their own salon to catapult your services to the heights of fame. You’ve got everything – the tender environment, the elite feel, and the worshippers of aesthetics, but is there something missing?
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Top reasons why you should have your own hair salon
Hair salons are the only places men and women seek when they want to get stylish and trendy hairstyles and cuts that add more to their personality. Hair salons provide people top services when it comes to cleaning, conditions, strengthening, cutting and styling as well as coloring their hair
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A Guide to Beautiful Feet & Clean Toenails
Just like hands and face, our feet also require care, but are you taking enough care of them?
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Oscar 2015 Makeup Artist Winners: Who Are They?
As much as the success of a movie depends on direction, acting and costumes, makeup and hairstyling also plays an important role in making it a hit and bagging awards. Indeed, it requires a lot of research, study and ingenuity to understand makeup requirements of the cast of a film and do justice with their characters, and there are only few people who are able to do it.
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