The Top Salon Trends and Styles for 2024

Salon trends

Salons have become a necessity for ladies and gents. The revenue of the spa and beauty salon market is estimated to reach $190.81 million in 2024. This is a big number, and it will increase with each passing year. Whether you are a woman who wants to get ready for a friend’s upcoming wedding, or a man who wishes to look his best for his prom date, visiting a salon is what comes to your mind.

Trends change, and with 2023 getting close to its end, new or refined trends will steal the spotlight. Let’s see how the beauty salon industry will revolutionize in 2024.

1. E-Commerce

Online stores continue to increase in use. Salon owners have taken advantage of modern technology and showcase their businesses with integrity.

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In 2024, salon owners will incorporate online e-commerce stores into their websites to make their base stronger and richer. These e-commerce stores will enable customers to browse through their favorite beauty and haircare products.

2. Pay Profit Sharing

In the imminent year of 2024, salons will see a growth in teams. There are great chances of team-based tasks which will give rise to pay profit sharing, a compensation method that rewards employees for their overall performance and contribution to the company’s success.

Pay Profit Sharing
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Some salons are already observing team-oriented pay systems, such as shares and bonuses. It has encouraged stylists to bring more productivity to their work.

3. Artificial Intelligence

The utilization of artificial intelligence or AI will become common in 2024. Through AI, salon owners can enhance customer experience and improve their business operations. Since the world is gradually going digital, customers want to stay in their homes and acquire virtual try-ons. In such a case, AI will come in handy.

Artificial Intelligence
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Apart from that, the wonders of AI will help manage customer queries and appointments. As far as business operations are concerned, AI has been helpful in staff management and inventory.

4. Digitalization

The digital transformation of the world has opened doors for numerous opportunities. In 2024, salon owners will make a digital shift and engage their customers with their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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It will level out the process of bookings and consultations, reducing the resources spent on answering calls and managing schedules.

5. The AR VR Integration

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are part of digitalization, but they play a distinct role in the personalized salon business. AR implements a real-world setting that enriches the interactive experience of customers.

The AR VR Integration
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VR is completely virtual but entails an overlay of products with a headset device. AR is more powerful than VR in a salon business because it can be accessed on smartphones.

Before You Go

Salon trends
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Beauty salons are emerging with lots of new ideas based on creativity and attraction. The industry has sparked off fashion shows and wedding events, resulting in increased revenue and customer engagement.

In the main, technological aspects like e-commerce, payment structures like pay profit sharing, technologies like artificial intelligence, transformations like digitalization, and apparatuses like AR and VR have collectively contributed to spa and beauty salons. In 2024, these trends will position themselves in the mainstream view.

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