From Frazzled to Fabulous: 7 Tips to Keep the Hair Frizz Away in Toledo, OH

Hair Frizz

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Keeping your tresses tamed is a never-ending battle in a humid climate like Ohio’s. In Toledo, OH, the air remains forever humid, literally dampening our style and spirit as we go about the day.

To keep the frizz at bay, battle-tested solutions have been perfected over the years. These solutions address the problem at its core: keeping hair sufficiently moisturized so it doesn’t dry out quickly.

In this article, we are condensing these solutions in a list plus adding a few modern fixes, and giving you an easy-to-follow humidity-proof hair care routine that’ll keep your hair frizz-free and luscious no matter the weather.

Why Does The Hair Become Frizzy?

Our hair is made up of keratin, a special type of protein that gives hair its shape, texture, and strength. Keratin bundles are held together with two types of bonds: disulfide and hydrogen.

Disulfides are strong bonds that only break due to consistent damage such as using heat-based styling tools i.e., flat irons and hair dryers.

The other type is hydrogen bonds that get weaker due to water and moisture. In humid climates, where the air has a lot of moisture in it, styled hair can lose its shape as water seeps into the strands.

That’s why even the safest hair-drying method — air drying — can do little to fight frizz in humid climates.

So, how to tame mist-laden tresses that refuse to stay perfectly styled and bouncy?

7 Tips To Fight the Frizz

Here are 7 easy tips for you to try and tackle frizz-friendly hair. These fixes are comprehensive and offer a grounds-up approach, offering you wash-day hacks, styling tips, and after-care answers.

7 Tips To Fight the Frizz

1. Do not over-wash

Your hair wash routine — whether co-cash or something more traditional — must not include a daily wash.

Doing it can rob your hair of its natural oils, leaving it more susceptible to frizz and other kinds of hair damage.

Do not over-wash
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Washing your hair at max after 48 hours is ideal for the most healthy hair.

Also, never wash your hair with warm water, especially when the air is humid outside. A bit cooler water will be more gentle on your hair cuticles and will help fight the frizz. It will help tighten the hair bonds, making it more malleable to your styling routine as you step out of the shower.

2. Take care of how you dry your hair

As much as you can, try air drying your hair but indoors. Going out with wet hair is akin to inviting moisture to wreak havoc in your hair.

Start drying your hair with a super absorbent microfiber towel. Squeeze out as much water as you can, but don’t rub your hair. That’ll just increase the damage.

Choosing the right kind of hair brush or comb will also make a huge difference in your hair quality, helping distribute natural scalp oils.

Take care of how you dry your hair
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When the hair is still wet or moist, apply a lightweight serum to seal the moisture in. You can also use an ionic hair dryer if you don’t have the time for a luxurious air-drying routine. The ionic drier will keep the heat damage to a minimum.

Finish off the look with a digital technology flat iron so every pass on the hair applies an even temperature throughout — this is imperative to control heat damage and improve the sleek look you’re going for.

Once you are done, the final touch is to use a lightweight hair spray and head out the door.

3. Add essential oils and shea butter

Moisturizing agents are going to be your frontline soldiers when you head out to battle frizz.

A small amount goes a long way and you can use them on wet hair for the best results but they are also effective for a midday touch-up when your hair is losing its luster.

Add essential oils and shea butter
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The best things you can use to keep your hair moisturized are essential oils such as coconut and peppermint, natural oils like castor oil, and everybody’s favorite, shea butter.

Take a little bit in your palm, rub it well, and then coat the outermost layer of your hair with it. Your hair will remain moisturized for longer and also become healthier.

4. Optimize natural hair texture using holding products

The most beautiful thing you can do for your frizz-prone hair is to love and appreciate its natural texture.

Don’t force it into styles that don’t come naturally to your hair. That’s just spending a lot of time and effort into a hairdo that won’t hold for long in the humid air.

Instead, work with what you’ve got and optimize your natural hair texture.

Using holding products like gels and hairsprays allows you to enhance your curls and waves. Take a bit of curl cream in your hand and apply it on wet hair. Then wrap thick strands of hair around your finger to improve the shape of your curls. When your hair dries, the holding agent in the curl cream (or gel if that’s what you’ve used) will enable to curl to retain its shape for long, and also act as a barrier to humidity outside.

Optimize natural hair texture using holding products
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If you’ve got straight or thin hair, use a texturizing mousse to give your volume in a frizz-preventive way. Dry shampoos will also help you control the excess moisture in your hair. For the most texture-friendly hair care, opt for loose braids that don’t take a lot of effort and fight frizz naturally.

5. Book a keratin treatment

Keratin treatments are also sometimes called Brazilian blowouts and offer a somewhat permanent solution to frizzy hair woes.

When you book a Keratin treatment, your stylist will apply a mixture of strong chemicals to your hair and then use a flat iron to seal those chemicals in. As these healthy proteins bind to your hair, they make your hair smoother, giving it a sleeker look and more manageability.

Book a keratin treatment
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While Keratin treatments are a godsend to tame stubborn frizz, they may use products and methods that can be harmful if not handled by professionals. Therefore, only look for the most qualified hair specialists in Toledo, OH for your Keratin needs and enjoy more refined locks for longer.

6. Buzz frizz-free products

Living in Toledo, OH means always being in a humid climate even when it’s cold outside. To truly address the frizz issue at its roots, you need products that are specifically made to tackle the problem.

We’re talking about frizz-free shampoo, conditioner, hair tools, serums, moisturizers, and everything else.

Buzz frizz-free products
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These products are silicone-free, come with extra nutrients, and some are designed to stay in hair (leave-in conditioners) for added moisturization.

So, when you are out doing your beauty shopping, reach for products that are designed to fight the frizz. That’s the only way to ensure you begin a haircare routine that’s optimized for manageable, smoother hair.

7. Try humidity-friendly hairstyles

Opt for styles that keep your hair from being exposed to humidity. Braids, updos, topknots, etc., are all humidity-friendly styles that keep the sweat at bay.

Try humidity-friendly hairstyles
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You can also experiment with a low-maintenance hairstyle if you live in a climate that’s perpetually humid, like Toledo OH. Schedule a haircut appointment with one of our hair specialists to get a layered cut if you’ve got long hair. For shorter hair, a more angled cut will add weight to the lower ends of your hair, helping fight frizz.

But avoid choosing a really short haircut. You don’t want a mop of unruly hair on your head in the hot summer months.

Try One of Our Toledo, OH Hair Stylists

Ready to take the fight on frizz head-on?

Book an appointment with one of our expert hairstylists in Toledo, OH, and see the magic we making in creating hairstyles that combat heat and frizz every day.

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