Welcome to Select Salon Studios!

You may think we are a salon suite company that offers salon professionals the chance to own their own mini salons. Well, you aren’t far off, but we’re much more than that.

Select Salon Studio is a venture of turning ambitions into possibilities.

If you’ve got the hunger and grit for it, we have got the risk appetite and the business tools to make you succeed.

Because Select Salon Studios did not just one day erupt out of nothing. We’ve founded this company on passion, determination, and hardcore data.

That’s right. While the salon suite concept has been a popular salon model for sometime now, we didn’t plunge headlong into it — we studied the market.

My business partner and I went into the foray, met with the people, and asked questions. We saw the salon suite concept in action and spotted areas where we could make it better. We also talked to salon professionals who are now salon studio owners and learned what a world of difference it has made to their lives and their businesses.

We brought all this home, poured our effort, money, and experience into it, and now we are ready to throw open our doors wide and welcome you inside!