Changing Weather of Toledo, OH and Skin Care Tips

The changes in weather not only transform our ways of getting dressed, but affect our skin too.  Do you see any weather effects on your skin?

The changes in weather not only transform our ways of getting dressed, but affect our skin too.  Do you see any weather effects on your skin?

We all know that weather in Toledo, OH is changing, but it is important to take care of oneself since it can affect our health, particularly skin. The more sensitive and unhealthy your skin is, more is the influence of changes in weather, but can you accept blemished, oily or rough skin?

While a radiant and spotless skin makes us look and feel beautiful, some simple skin care tips can save our skin from the effects of different weather conditions.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Whatever is the season, drinking water doesn’t do any harm, and this is an easiest way to sustain a good skin. While water intake keeps you hydrated, it removes all the toxins too, and makes your skin glowing and smoother. So, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

Add Vitamin K in Your Diet

Vegetables, particularly green vegetables, are always good for skin and their intake is important all the year round. Estheticians and dermatologists suggest green vegetables because they contain skin care vitamin and elements, and help in keeping your skin hydrated as well as fresh.

Use Sunscreen

With the changing season, protecting oneself from direct exposure to sun is crucial. It is because sun rays are very strong and harsh for every type of skin. Thus, when you think sun rays are strong, don’t go out. However, if you can’t avoid, use a good quality or medicated sunscreen lotion and apply it on the exposed parts of your body 30 minutes before going outside.

Drink Healthy Drinks

Besides water, you can drink fresh fruit juices and lemonade too. However, it is essential to not drink fizzy or aerated drinks as they contain sugar, which is bad for your health as well as skin. Also, limit the intake of caffeine since it dries out one’s skin by reducing water content in your body. In short, completely ditch the harmful drinks for a good skin.

Clean & Cleanse Your Face

Try to keep your face clean and splash water on it twice a day. Also, use a good cleanser and that too twice a day as cleansing removes accumulated dirt from your face and keeps it moisturized. Cleansing is, particularly, important before going to bed at night.

Apply Cucumber Mixture

Make a mixture of half a cucumber with 1 tbsp of yogurt and apply it on your face. You will feel immense freshness. However, applying this mixture to your face for 15 minutes is essential.

Remove Dead Skin

Yes! We have dead skin on our face, but it can be removed through exfoliation. Thus, visit an esthetician and exfoliate your skin. Also, use a toner to keep your pores closed.

Exercise & Sleep Well

Eating a balanced diet in every season is very important. Thus eat healthy and fresh food, and sleep properly. Also, work out regularly to keep your skin fresh, healthy and radiant.

While these tips are very useful, visit Select Salon Studios and get advice of our expert estheticians. We also recommend you to visit a dermatologist if you have a serious skin problem.

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