A Comprehensive Guide to Skin Care in Winter Weather!

Guide to Skin Care in Winter

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Are you scratching your skin? Relax, it is pretty normal in winter season because cold weather causes dryness and leaves your skin itchy. However, despite the effects of icy cold weather, you can still keep your skin moist, although this requires more than just using a moisturizer.

Since everyone complains of dry and itchy skin, freckles, etc. during this nippy season, following skincare tips and guidelines can help you in getting a healthy and saturated skin.

Have Lots of Water!

Have Lots of Water
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Dehydration is one of the main reasons that causes dryness. Since water intake and thirst decreases in winter season, the outcome is quite obvious. Therefore, one should drink plenty of water as it isn’t good for skin only, but also for overall health. Besides water, the intake of other fluids such as herbal tea is very effective in keeping your skin hydrated and moist. Herbal tea is, particularly, useful in extreme cold weather and drinking it can also bring a glow on your face.

Increase Intake of Seasonal Vegetables

Increase Intake of Seasonal Vegetables
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There are some vegetables that contain a lot of water, particularly celery and cucumber. Vegetables that contain antioxidant are also useful in keeping your body and skin hydrated. Potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, etc. are those vegetables whose intake is mandatory to keep your skin moist and glowing.

Going Out? Use Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen
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It is obvious to use sunscreen in summers, but exposure to winter sun is equally damaging to your skin. Apply a reliable sunscreen on your face and hands before going outside and you will see how sun protection improves your skin. Apply sun screen several times if you plan to stay outside for long hours.

Oil Based Moisturizers are Better!

Oil Based Moisturizers are Better
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Shops are teeming with different moisturizing lotions and creams which only moisture your skin for a short while. Toachieve long-lasting results, you should use a moisturizer that contains oil in large quantity. Such moisturizers or ointments make your skin moist and soft.

Avoid Wearing Wet Clothes

Avoid Wearing Wet Clothes
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Wet clothes can cause irritation, sores and cracking. So if you’re in hurry and wear damp gloves, muffler or socks, be ready to face the above mentioned repercussions.

No Hot Water Baths, Please

No Hot Water Baths
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Taking bath with hot water is quite comforting in cold weather, but do you know what harm does it do to your skin?

Our skin loses moisture because of hot showers. It is because warm water breaks down lipid barriers in the skin. Thus, instead of taking bath with boiling hot water, opt for lukewarm water.

These are basic tips and suggestions to keep your skin moist, soft and healthy during chilly weather. They are simple and cost-effective ways to protect your skin from dryness and itchiness. Try applying these tips and you will begin to see major differences. Consulting a skin care expert or dermatologist will also help you in knowing about your skin problems and solutions.

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