Now Extend Your Hands to These Results-Guaranteed Nail Specialists in Maumee

Results-Guaranteed Nail Specialists in Maumee

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It is natural for any women to get excited at the prospect of going for a nail extension treatment. So when the time comes to book an appointment with a nearby salon, how can you decide which treatment is the best for you? Before you finalize your decision, read what Suzanne Daoust – a nail treatment expert in Maumee has got to say. As a trained professional with over 10 years of experience, she has expertise in a plethora of nail treatments that is a must try for all the ladies in Maumee.

1. Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are the oldest treatments for nail extensions currently practiced in the beauty and cosmetics industry. This treatment is often used as a staple due to its holding quality. The acrylic is a powerful combination of polymer powder and liquid monomer which becomes a hard protective layer that is painted over the natural nail.

This acrylic extension becomes hard when exposed to air. The exposure completes the process resulting in a glossy and strong base onto which different types of colors could be applied easily.

The treatment involves a number of steps starting from the preparation of natural nail by cleaning, shaping, buffing, and cuticle removal. Then comes the application of adding artificial tips (if needed) and finally the acrylic covering.

This extension treatment at the hands of Suzanne can give you promising benefits including the strength and durability of nails for a long time, a cheaper workaround as compared to gel nail application, and adding length to short nails.

2. Gel Nails

A special mixture of gel is used in either of the two ways: applied on top of the artificial extension or directly onto the natural nail bed to strengthen and facilitate natural growth.

The application of gel comes in quite fine layers, with the specialist directing a UV light between each layer to “cure” and “seal” the layer. The concluded result is a strong but flexible finish with a shiny and glossy look. The result further benefits as it gets instantly dry and chip resistant.

Apart from the application of this gel over artificial extensions to add lengths, it is specifically used and effective on weak, short, or bitten nails by promoting growth and strength considerably. By using the gel treatment you can avail the following benefits:

  • The gel does not inflict any damage to the natural nail, and in fact, facilitates its growth and strength.
  • Gel is more flexible and odorless as compared to other extension treatments such as acrylic or liquid powder nail ones.
  • Gel is more secure and environmentally friendly.

3. Fiberglass or silk nail wraps

A fiberglass or silk nail wraps is an alternate to the above two types. The procedure follows by cutting pieces of silk or fiberglass to blend them with the nail bed or tip and then positioning them perfectly by a glue or resin. Both the options are no longer preferred as salons are now equipped with more easy-to-apply and cheap treatments for clients. However, the treatment still comes to great use especially for clients who are somewhat allergic to the acrylic or gel process because of the chemicals involved.

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