Five Fall Hairstyles for Every Woman

Fall Hairstyles for Every Woman

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Fall brings a crisp weather and numerous new fashions. Since a new season implies adopting new trends and styles, fall is the perfect time to give yourself a new look with some chic and eccentric hairstyles and cuts.

While you can give new layers to your hair, you can roll and twist them in a bun too because the hairstyles for fall 2015 range from fanciful to downright charming ones and are suitable for every woman.

So, whilst you try the new fashion trends, amp up your hair with following stylish and bohemian hairstyles:

Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are chic and popular. They go well with a casual long bob and accentuate the layers, and totally change your looks.   While these bangs fall on forehead, it’s a hassle to maintain them in the summer because of sweat.  Now the weather is changing and getting cold, it is time to chop your hair and flaunt the sexy bangs.

The best part about this hairstyle is it is easier to carry and you don’t need a hair accessory to keep them neat.

Low Ponytail

Low ponytails are in this fall.  While women with long hair can flaunt a sleek and side ponytail, women with short hair can also rock it. It’s one of the go-to looks for this fall and looks fabulous either way.

So, whether you like a messy ponytail to look bohemian or a side ponytail for a sophisticated appearance, they should be seriously low.

Bohemian Waves

Bohemian waves are making waves this fall. This is a perfect hairstyle for women with long hair since the focus in on kinky movement and thick texture. It is the best yet an off-road way to style your hair this fall and give an effortlessly sophisticated and elegant vibe to them.


If you have headbands in your drawer and you haven’t used them in a long time, it’s time to take them out and pop them into your hair because this simple hair accessory is back and in vogue. It keeps your hair tidy whether your hair are straight, wavy or curly.

While any headband would do, a shiny hairband is more apt for fall.

The Braided Updo

Braids might be the simplest hairstyles in the world, but this fall you can make one in an updo form. Just comb your hair back and separate them in three sections. Before braiding the three pieces, twist the sides back behind your ears.  Combine the sections to make a braid and coil it around like a bun. Use bobby pins to secure it and enjoy the braided updo.

While you can wear it to a wedding, it is appropriate for your workplace too.

Besides, half buns, French twist, low messy buns and messy side braids are also in this fall which are perfect for work and going out.

Fall is the time when you can let your hair loose because you don’t sweat. So, whether you choose a bun, a pony or waves, you can flaunt them without any trouble which makes them perfect hairstyles for this season.

While these hairstyles are easy to make, you can visit Select Salon Studios in Toledo and Maumee OH to consult professional hairstylists for more ideas and help.

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