Tips to Solve Winter Hair Woes

Solve Winter Hair

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The annual chill brings with it chapped lips and dry & flaky skin. The cold and gusty days of winter are equally ruthless for your hair too. While dryness and low temperature creates and imbalance in the hair roots and scalp, frizzy and static hair, split ends and brittle strands of hair are the season’s biggest woes too. The bruised, brittle and lifeless hair are a havoc, but you can avoid too many bad hair days by slightly altering your hair care regime.

You know you can’t control the icy cold winds, but you can overcome winter hair care challenges with following tips:

Avoid Shampooing Hair Daily

While steaming showers are bad for your scalp and skin, shampooing hair almost everyday damages your hair by stripping all of your natural oils. According to hair experts, using shampoo thrice a week is enough. However, if you perspire often and need to shampoo your hair daily, dilute your shampoo with lots of water while rinsing to keep the natural oils intact.

In addition, use a water-based leave in conditioner to re-hydrate your scalp and hair. Such conditioners and deeply hydrating styling gels are best to revitalize your hair during winter season.

Don’t Blow-Dry Excessively

Like shampoo, excessive blow-drying too can strip all of your natural oils, making your hair parched. In fact, blow-drying of already brittle and dry hair can cause severe dryness and damage to your hair.

If you can’t go without blow-drying in the colder months, keep the temperature lower to keep your hair from getting exposed to too much heat. The lower setting will help you maintain the hair shine to a great extent.

Remember that you need to protect your hair from too much heat. Where a lower setting is important while blow-drying hair, you must use more conditioner in the shower and spray a heat protectant before using your styling tools. Both conditioner and heat protectant will keep the hair dryness and breakage minimum.

Get Your Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for a healthy body and thicker hair. B complex vitamins and biotin promote the growth of hair and keep them healthy. So, if you want to have thick and shiny hair, take your vitamins.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As much as drinking water is important for your body, it is good for your hair too. The water intake keeps your hair moist during colder months. So, drink lots of water and keep yourself during the nippy weather too.

Don’t Comb Wet Hair

You shouldn’t comb your hair when they are wet. Besides, you should use a wide tooth comb or a wooden comb. Also, your dry hair generate static electricity as your run down your comb. While wooden combs are better than plastic combs in keeping the static electricity minimum, you can use hair spray on your comb too to reduce it.

Treat Your Hair with Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil massage can restore the life and shine of your hair. You need only 2 teaspoon of olive oil to massage onto your scalp. While it will promote hair growth, it will treat dandruff, reduce frizz, and nourish your hair roots as well.

Cold air and frosty weather are foe of your hair because your hair just don’t cooperate during the winter and it gets difficult to survive the winter hair woes. However, you can still maintain your hair’s thickness and shine with these tips or consult the hair stylists at Select Salon Studios in Toledo OH regarding the new weather’s challenges and changes in your hair care regime.

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