A Guide to Owning & Setting Out a Salon Business

Salon Business

Image Source: unsplash.com/Guilherme Petri

The idea of owning a salon may trigger certain apprehensions, barriers and fears.

  • You fear you won’t be followed by your clients and lose your customer-base.
  • You have apprehensions and fears regarding large overhead, utility costs, employees and the huge responsibility of supervising and managing them.
  • The worries of managing the day-to-day business operations.

Of course, it is a long course to cover to achieve your goal of having your own salon, but think of the pros and benefits of owning a salon – where you will be the King/Queen.

Since the transition from traditional salons to owning a salon could be challenging, below are some important steps to commencing your own salon business:

Lease a Salon Studio

The decision to own a salon gives you three choices: open a salon from scratch; buy an established salon; or lease a studio.  While building your own salon would require financing and time, you can buy an established salon studio. The latter one is a better option because it usually comes with proper equipment. However, will you be able to afford the cost of purchasing an established salon studio?

Since buying an established salon studio could be costly. On the other hand leasing your own salon is a brilliant and profitable idea. However, while leasing your own studio will charge you a little more than you pay for a booth rental, you will run your own salon in an upscale environment with complete privacy and without a large overhead and costs, which makes leasing a cost-effective option. In short, leasing will save you from taking loans and huge expenses. So, while vacillating between “lease or buy, choose the former one.

Select Salon Studios offers completely private studios on lease to salon professionals to help them fulfil their dream on convenient terms, and allows them build their clientele and grow their business by networking with other professionals in the vicinity.

Location Matters

Your salon should be visible to your clients and choosing the right location, therefore, is crucial. A good idea is to lease a salon studio near major and famous retail areas and shopping centers. Remember, visibility and location work for attracting new clients too.

Both Select Salon Studios locations offer excellent locations in Toledo and Maumee. They are both convenient and offer your clients a number of amenities in an upscale luxurious environment.

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