7 Things to Know Before Making an Appointment with a Nail Specialist in Maumee

Nail Specialist in Maumee

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Nail care calls for its own time and attention just like any other body part. So after you have selected a salon for your nail treatments appointment, there are certain considerations you need to take into account before fixing a visit. Let’s see what Melissa Lojewski – an experienced and highly sought-after nail care specialist in Maumee has to say.

1. Never touch your cuticles

The cuticles (dead skin located at the base of the toenail or fingernail) act as a protection shield for the nail matrix. Therefore cutting them it not advisable as it leaves the area prone to infections. It’s better to keep the cuticle in its best condition.

2. Leave the nails as-is

It’s an obvious fact whenever we visit a therapist or even a doctor, we try our best to prove them we take care of ourselves. Similarly women try to reshape their nails before entering the salon as a gesture to display self-care. But it’s better to leave the nails as-is. An experienced nail specialist knows what shape and length will go best with your hands, while trying to do the job yourself will only make the work difficult for the professional. Explain your choice and needs, and leave the rest for the manicurist.

3. See if there are any open cuts or irritation spots

Carefully examine your hands and feet to see if there are any open cuts around the nails area. If you do locate any, postpone the appointment until the cuts are completely healed. Also see if the nail beds have any sort of redness or irritation. Undergoing a treatment on these exposed spots increases the risk of catching infections.

4. Let the nails to remain in their original state

Several experts suggest their clients to avoid polishing their nails for around a week or two in between the manicure treatments. Using polishes extensively makes the nails vulnerable to fungal infections.

5. Do not shave

After having a foot treatment or pedicure, try to avoid shaving or waxing for around 24 hours. Shaving legs results in superficial nicks that again leaves you exposed to infections. Do note that shaving peels off the top layer of skin which potentially protects the area from irritation caused by some perfumed creams and chemicals.

6. Nail care at home

Some treatments may require more than one appointments. So it is advised to take care of your nails in between appointments. Try to keep the nails and cuticles as much moisturized as possible. Properly maintained nails not only look clean and better but also lasts the effects of the undergoing treatments longer.

7. Sanitize your tools

Some clients are more comfortable in bringing their own tools to the salon. Well if you do, ensure the tools are thoroughly washed or sanitized. Better not risk the tools with catching unwanted bacteria.

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