A Great Hair Style for Winter

Great Hair Style for Winter

Image Source: unsplash.com/Maria Teneva

As winter looms, the prospects of a bad hair day grow higher and higher for some people. Well not any more. There are a variety of hair designs and styles that are best suited for winter that are easy to carry out and look good on any face type. Some are universal in the sense that they accentuate all body types as well. All that is need is for you to properly winterize yourself and your hair style along with it. That means a new wardrobe much to everyone’s delight and even better a new hairstyle. Combine them together and it’s a new you altogether.

Today’s focus will be on one very popular and very exquisite hair style. It’s the chic braided looks that are guaranteed to make you look gorgeous and vibrant. The chic braided style is very artistic; very beautiful and a really sharp hairstyle indeed.

To pull this off you will need to be comfortable with scissors and braids if you are doing it yourself. Otherwise the best advice is to get it done from a professional hair stylist. Here is how you pull of this stunning look.

  • Make a part in the middle of the back-end of your scalp and separate your hair in two equal section. Half the hair should be over one shoulder. The other half on the other shoulder.
  • Keeping the size of a nickel in min, carefully apply a small dollop starting at the top of the ear. And as you make your way down the scalp, be sure to gradually add more hair in appropriate proportions.
  • You should be at the bottom of the scalp by now, with a sizable dollop in your hand. Make a pony tail of it with an elastic hair tie.
  • Repeat the first three steps for the other side of the head.
  • Now you should have two twisted rolls, one from each side of the head. Secure them with hair pins. Feel free to use as many as needed until you feel that both rolls are firmly in place and secure.
  • Flip the pony tail in half in an up position. Next secure it with another elastic band. Use the same color band as your hair. It hides the band making your hair look more beautiful.
  • Almost done. You should a folder ponytail loop by now. Pull it upwards and secure it with bobby pins. The shaping of the loop is very important here so take your time.
  • Keep pinning down the loop until it lies flat on the scalp.

There your new braided look is ready for the winter. Show it off. Take selfies and enjoy it to the fullest!

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