What Is Skinimalism And How To Incorporate It Into Your Salon Culture
One of the most significant behavioral shifts that came on the heels of the pandemic was a desire for slowing down and to approach things with more intention and awareness.
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Beauty Trends To Look Forward To In 2023
The best thing about post-pandemic fashion is the fact that individual self-expression has uncoiled itself from a deep slumber and is now rearing its pretty head all over the realm. Instead of a handful of celebrity stylists dictating what’s ‘in’, its just regular people trying on different things and posting on social media.
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What Type Of Hair Brush Is Best For Your Hair?
The right kind of hair brush can make a night and day difference to how your hair looks and feels. Coupled with good hair care, a good brush can also improve the overall health of your hair, including growth, volume, and luster.
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Minimalist Makeup Ideas For Fun Halloween Parties 2022!
Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone’s scrambling to put together that perfect costume. And that’s just for the regular trick or treating; add in a costume contest, and you have on your hand complete pandemonium. But there’s no need for you to worry.
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