Maumee Ohio

There is a great opportunity for Maumee’s salon professionals to start and run their own salon without large overhead as we are expanding and offering salon studios in Maumee Ohio. Our salons are well equipped and provide an upscale and relaxed environment to work in.

Thus, whether you are a massage therapist, hair stylist, color specialist, esthetician, nail specialist and/or another salon professional, we offer you the opportunity for salon ownership by leasing your very own salon studio.

By extending salon ownership to salon professionals, we aim to benefit not only the beauty experts but their base of clientele as well.  The salon professional’s clientele can enjoy massage therapies, hairstyles, facials, manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments from professionals in a convenient and affordable manner.

We feel honored to give a platform to salon specialists in Maumee, OH, so that they kick off their salon career and business with complete freedom and independently without the headache of bearing extra costs and expenditures.

Our Salon Lofts & Suites

Many salon professionals call our studios lofts or suites, but we refer to them as Salon Studios, it is one and the same.  Our salon studios are nicely built, comfortable and equipped with styling chairs and other important equipment. By leasing your very own Salon Studio, you keep 100% of the profits from your services and retail sales.  From all the studies, the average salon studio professional makes 30% or more by operating their business from a salon studio.  All of the utilities, on-line scheduling, website presence and social media exposure are included in the monthly lease.  We give salon experts a golden opportunity to operate their business in an upscale-luxurious environment where they can network with other salon professionals to help grow their business.

Select Salon Studios is safe, clean and provides a luxurious ambiance that salon owners will feel proud to bring their clientele.  Each studio comes fully equipped with custom cabinetry, shampoo bowl, stylist chair and large styling mirrors.  Every salon owner likes to put personal touches on their own studio to make it “their own” and create the environment they want.

Each and every salon professional is highlighted on the Select Salon Studios website to help promote each stylist, grow their business and earn more profits.

Skin Care for a Radiant Skin

We are expanding our services in Maumee OH because we want more people to benefit from the services and suggestions of our salon professionals.  We are opening in Maumee because we want people to have healthy and glowing skin.  At Select Salon Studios the opportunity exists for estheticians to help those who want to improve their skin, receive the best facials or to simply consult with a skin care expert.

Hair Color Specialists for Chic and Flamboyant Hair Colors

Just like fashions change, hair trends and hair colors also vary with seasons.  We want the hair color specialists to get salon ownership and serve the hair color fanatics. Being a hair color professional, you will be able to commence your business and help hair color enthusiasts with your color suggestions. There are many people who like chic and flashy hair colors, but remain indecisive about the suitability. Being a hair stylist, you can assist your clients, and gain a large base of customers by satisfying their needs.

Hair Stylists for Trendy & Unique Hair Styles

Hair Stylists in Maumee OH have a great chance to own their salon and make profits in their very own salon studio. We provide comfortable and well-equipped salon studios to hair artists to help them maximize their business.

Our aim is to provide salon ownership to the best hair stylists so that the people of Maumee get the best and most beautiful and unique hairstyles.

Nail Specialists for Beautiful Nail Arts

We give nail specialists a golden opportunity to start their career and utilize their nail decorating and nail enhancing skills. We know that many nail specialists wish to have ownership, and our ownerships are for such ardent and passionate nail specialists. By getting their own salon they will be able to utilize and improve their services and provide best nail designs and arts to nail art enthusiasts.

Massage Therapists to Melt Away Tension

We know the significance of massage therapy and wish to benefit inhabitants of Maumee with different massage therapies. That is why, we are expanding in Maumee and offering salon ownership to massage therapists so that they get a platform to work and assist people by alleviating their stress and relieving their tense muscles with massage therapies. We know that massage therapists can play an important role in enhancing the overall health of people by providing a wide range of relaxing therapies and services.

If you are a salon professional in Maumee or want to relocate your business to Maumee, contact us today at 419-309-0009 to schedule your own confidential tour.