What a Salon Should Look Like

Salon Should Look Like

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There is no shortage of salons in the United States. However only a handful of variables are what truly separate one from the other. One of them is no doubt the environment and salon setting. This will be the topic of discussion today as we highlight what a salon should look like from an aesthetic point of view. All salons have beauticians and hair dresses. However in addition to that, below are some of the other things that should go with it.

The Right Lighting

The importance of Salon lighting cannot be emphasized enough. It should illuminate every prominent thing of note about the salon including the stylists. However the ultimate goal is to create a pleasant and relaxing environment. White fluorescent lights are a very popular choice here. They are unflattering and very bright yet without the added eye squinting effect. Disregard,

An Elegant Theme

The type of clientele also plays a part in determining how a salon should look. If the salon serves rural clients, it should portray a homey feel. If it provides for mostly urban professionals, a modern décor would be the best course of action. Decorate the rest with colors, furniture and accessories consistent with the message or theme you want to portray.

Appropriate Salon Furniture

Salon furniture should be functional and fashionable. In addition to chairs and work stations, there should also be waiting room furniture and shelves. A good salon will also sport display cases for the products they use. When it comes to waiting room seating, make sure they are leather and the shelves are glass and metal. They personify elegance and a modern look to the salon.

The Mirrors

It’s safe to say that the mirrors will be the most used aspects of a salon both by hair stylists and customers. A good salon should have decorative mirrors. When salon clients check out your work, you want a beautiful mirror to show their new look. Ditch nondescript, institutional mirrors in favor of metal and wood framed varieties.

Decked Walls

While most salons decorate with photographs of models wearing high fashion hairstyles, this may not be the best approach. Save the pictures for the style books and adorn your salon walls with calming art or soothing nature images.

A good salon must look the part as well as having a good hair stylists and exceptional service. The above mentioned tips will ensure you are take care of at a fine establishment.

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