Popular Men Hairstyles in 2015

Men Hairstyles

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Men’s Quiff, Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle and Rockability Hairstyle are the tales of 2014 and it is time to say goodbye to these hairstyles which have become old and have been replaced by some new and stylish hairstyles.

While women flaunt a variety of hairstyles, haircuts and hair colors throughout the year, it is time for men to change their hairstyle and alter them to the latest ones.

Hold your horses to take a look at this years’ trendy and popular hairstyles.

Angular Fringe

Old but in vogue, angular fringe was a hit hairstyle in 2014. The male models, particularly, were inspired by this hairstyle and it seems many men are not ready to replace this hairstyle with any other. One of the reasons it is widely popular among men is its suitability with all face shapes. While it a versatile hairstyle, it looks perfect on men with a round shape, particularly.

Angular fringe implies long top layer cut at angle and short and tapered sides.

Caesar Haircut

Named after Julius Caesar, a Roman general and famous author of Latin prose, and popularized by George Clooney, Caesar hairstyle is in fashion this year. Although it is a vintage hairstyle and was popular in 1990s, it is still a hit hairstyle among men.

While the reason behind its fame could be George Clooney or Julius Caesar, it offers numerous benefits to men. Firstly, since it is a short hairstyle, it is easier to maintain. Moreover, one can achieve the spiked look easily with the help of styling gel or cream. A biggest advantage of this hairstyle is its longevity i.e. it stays in place throughout the day.

Brushed Up

If you are a fan of Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars, it will be easy to reminisce this hairstyle. Yes, you are right!  It is a hair style which is a bit longer than the Caesar and keeps the hair on the sides, and the back hair shorter.

It is easy to style brushed up looks like Caesar cut. The best thing about this hairstyle is, it goes with every occasion.

The Side Part

It is suitable for all men, but men with long hair are better off as they can sweep it over for the best look. It is a lazy-man hairstyle but looks sexy. Those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in styling their hair, they should go for this hairstyle since it can be achieved in few minutes only.

Just part the hair on side and sweep it over to either of the sides, whichever is most suitable.

Casual Hairstyle

It is a classic hairstyle, which can be achieved with a little gel and brushing quickly. To wear this hairstyle, keep the hair shorter on the sides, but longer on the top. This way you will find it easy to maintain them.

Like women, men can wear and flaunt different hairstyles in order to look trendy and classy. Choose a hairstyle that suits you since it can greatly enhance your appearance.

If you want to know which hairstyle is appropriate or most popular, visit an expert hairstylist in OH or Toledo and enjoy the changeover.

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