4 Cute Hair Styles For the Winter
It won’t be long until the winter is upon us with its full might. Some parts of the country are already feeling the effects as windy winds from the Eastern coast come gushing in. This change of seasons prompts a change in lifestyle. Hairstyles are no different. In that sense, a change in hair style is no different from a change of wardrobe; it’s all done to customize you according to the weather.
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4 Common Hair Care Mistakes
Are you still actively pursuing healthy, shiny, hair? Not that it’s hard. It just requires basic hair care and some common sense. The goal is certainly achievable, but many women are often sabotaged by some common hair care mistakes. To add insult to injury, many hair stylists still advocate some these bad hair care tips which makes matters even worse. Today’s post is an effort to set the records straight and call a mistake for exactly what it is; a mistake.
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