4 Common Hair Care Mistakes

Common Hair Care Mistakes

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Are you still actively pursuing healthy, shiny, hair? Not that it’s hard. It just requires basic hair care and some common sense. The goal is certainly achievable, but many women are often sabotaged by some common hair care mistakes. To add insult to injury, many hair stylists still advocate some these bad hair care tips which makes matters even worse. Today’s post is an effort to set the records straight and call a mistake for exactly what it is; a mistake. A good hair stylist is fully aware of proper hair care and spends their days scrutinizing how hair behaves in different environments and reacts to all sorts of ingredients

In today’s post we will outline a few hair care mistakes.

Conditioning Only the Ends

Fine Hair is very fragile and needs extra support from conditioner. Hair is the weakest when it is in a wet state. It can stretch up to 30% more than it would in dry state. This behaviour of hair makes it prone to breakage which is something all people should avoid. What is needed is a way to condition the hair that won’t weight it down causing it to break. The way to do it is to use a good condition and apply it thoroughly on the entire hair strands from the base to the tips of the hair. It ensures seamless and perfect balance.

Shampooing Every Day

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is to shampoo every day. It deeply impacts the scalp despite its other good benefits. It will weaken the thickness of your hair and before long a reading spot will appear on your head like an island after fog clears up. It’s a situation no one wants to end up in it and you shouldn’t too.

Don’t Skip Conditioning Treatments

If the weekly use of a conditions is too much, a stronger, bigger and more powerful week treatment can fill in the gap. A deep conditioning treatment will help fill in any holes and repair roughed up patches so hair is soft, shiny and manageable.

The blow drier

Not that it’s a bad product however blow drying your hair can seriously result in hair loss. Some of these driers and diet pills reacts negatively to the human hair, causing other side effects as well. Use a dry towel, spend a few minutes drying your hair with the towel.

For more information on hair styles and trends, contact select salon and get a special tips and advice on proper hair care. Be prepared for an experience like none other.

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