Top 3 Authorized Hairstyles For Rugged Women Marines!

Rugged Women Marines

Image Source: Claydon

The US Marine Corps just authorized locks and twists for female marines. Wow! These rugged military women can now flaunt some rugged hairstyles while on duty out in the field. While the rules for hairstyles for female marines are pretty strict, to maintain uniformity, in the attire.

Check out the top hairstyles for rugged marine women!

1. Twists

Twists have just freshly made to the list of authorized hairstyles for female marines! A hairstyle has to be neat, clean, comfortable and convenient and suit the overall USMC attire and headgear. Twists are found to fit the hairstyle standards and now part of the acceptable lot of styles for women. These work brilliantly for mid-length to long hair. Although, twists are now permissible, they must not exceed more than 2 inches from the scalp to keep the neat military look!

2. Locks

Locks are another hairstyle that female marines can flaunt! Locks can be easily worn with medium to short length hair. Locks can be worn with short, medium or long hair. The strands of hair twist from the root to the tips to form a wire. However, they must be separated with rectangular or square parting to keep it line with the crisp and clean military look.

3. The Military Bun

The military bun is the most traditional and old hairstyles for female marines and women in the military or armed forces. It is acceptable due to its neat, clean and sleek look. The donut bun is pretty easy to make, using a hair gel, some bobby pins and hairnet. While the military donut bun is one of the limited options for female marines, it’s not limited to just them. Anyone can sport a cute military bun on a casual night out!

According to sources, the two hairstyles, i.e. locks and twists were added to the authorized list at the request of a staff sergeant.1

The decision was made in October 2015, and the announcement came on December 15, 2015 and has been met with positive comments. According to Staff Sgt. Cherie Wright,” For some, this change is culturally liberating, has financial benefits and is simply convenient”.

In April 2015, females who attended the Ranger School were also found sporting short, clean and neat haircuts2. Short haircuts are a requirement for trainees at the Rangers School mainly for hygiene purposes and to maintain uniformity. For the training this year in April 2015, 19 women chopped their hair super short to join their male counterparts.



With such amazing new trends in the hairstyles of women in the military and forces, it’s sure to become attractive for some! Which military hairstyle do you like the most? We would love to know!

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