5 Important Tips for an Established Booth Rental Hair Salon in Maumee OH

Hair Salon in Maumee OH

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Opening a booth rental hair salon is no easy job as there are a number of considerations to be taken into account. Apart from the industry standards, you will also be entitled to deal with the concerns and issues of the renters you have employed. So it’s better to go through some specific advices for anyone looking to start a booth rental hair salon. Let’s see what our experts at Select Salon Studios in Maumee OH has to offer for aspiring newcomers in the business.

1. Be Clear and Specific

Communicate the needed and undebatable expectations to the new renters very clearly. Get clear details for questions such as: How would you want your booth to be maintained on a regular basis? What supplies do you need for contribution? For instance, how about getting their area cleaned after every client sitting? Also explain the duties of different shifts you want to be done perfectly from them.
Go through the lease agreement closely and ask the renter to sign any specific areas you feel important in order to run the salon smooth and successful. The point is not to sound somewhat offensive or distrusting, but it’s always better to set clear boundaries and expectations to avoid any irrelevant future arguments.

2. Communicate Well

You are not in the market selling a must-use product, but there is no debate for the requirement of exceptional communication skills in managing the salon. As the owner you are called to deal with a plethora of personalities in people including coworkers, vendors, suppliers, etc., not to mention the conflict resolution skills needed to hear and manage the pile of complaints you might get to hear daily. Again as an owner, it is your responsibility to maintain a strict professional atmosphere and always offer a constructive suggestion. Be open when you are given feedbacks from both the clients and renters. In case you are short on the art of communication, it is highly recommended you take a thorough business communication training program.

3. Become a Great Example

Setting the tone in a salon is a great way to get things your way. Even if there are different kinds of businesses operating at the same time, you will still be as successful as the least performing booth space. So it’s beneficial for the overall nourishment of the salon when you start working as a team player with your coworkers.

Regardless of the client or a booth renter, stay professional, helpful and friendly to everyone at all times. It’s an emphasized fact let it be in any industry: respect is everyone’s right. You may hire a renter who will be happy for you to pitch in handling any particular client, while another renter may prefer to handle things for him/herself. The point is to respect everyone’s way of work and preferences. Let the salon prosper collectively!

4. The Success is for All

A booth rental salon is a single structure, with different atmospheres. As booth holders, hair stylists and estheticians have their own business running in a space, so it becomes difficult to apply standard rules and division of duties. Take the cleaning task for instance, you can set up a calendar marking which booth renter has which duty on a particular day. This will allow everyone to cater their duties as per decided turns. Another move can be deciding some days for a collective lunch, as it is difficult to sit together in peak seasons due to the heavy pour of clients. Remember food is one of the easiest and inexpensive way to foster team growth in an engaging and entertaining manner.

5. There’s No Place for Emotions

You may be tempted to choose or retain a potential renter, but first patiently decide if he/she is an asset or a liability. It simple, keep the asset, let go off the liability! The thought may look simple and straightforward, but can sometimes become a stressful management decision. For instance, some stylists may be quite complicated to deal with, but the benefits they bring in for the salon is far greater than their problems, in this case, the renter is an asset. While if a stylist has some serious behavioral issues, let them free from their lease agreement as the decision will be best for the workplace and everyone on board.

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