Rejuvenate Yourself with Most Popular Massage Therapies

Most Popular Massage Therapies

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Amidst anxieties and stress that are inevitable now, people seek ways to relax and a place where he/she is pampered. While sports and workout are a good vent to overcome worries, massage therapies also offer an effective way to release tensions, unwind and increase circulation of blood in the body.

Over the decades, there has been an increase in the popularity of massages and since then, they have proven to be beneficial for human body. Now, salons worldwide offer different types of body massage therapies. Below is the list of some popular Asian and Western massages.

Swedish Massage

This massage therapy is very common in the USA. It entails kneading, long smooth strokes and circular movements which warm up the muscle tissue/s and release tension. A person’s body rubbed with lotion or oil, which gives one a relaxing experience. However, before therapist begins his/her work, it is important that you tell them if you have any illness, allergies or injuries. Also, tell the therapist about how much pressure you can withstand, which could be both firm and light.

If you can bear pressure and want instant relief from severe muscular pain, deep tissuemassage could be more effective for you.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is tailored at sportsmen, athletes and those who regularly take part in physical activities. This therapy is aimed at improving athletic performance, and preventing and treating injuries. This massage style encompasses multiple techniques and strokes. It is good for sportsmen, both before and after the sports event or competition. Pre-match massage loosens your muscles and its use after a match assists in recovering from injuries.


The word Shiatsu implies ‘finger pressure.’ In this therapy, pressure is applied toacupressure points and you are asked to take slow and deep breaths which enhances the effects of this Japanese massage therapy.

Thai Massage

This massage in very popular in Thailand and includes compressions and deep yoga-like stretches.  It is a very energizing therapy which makes one flexible and improves the range of motion. In addition, it is also effective in reducing stress.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is ideal for expecting mothers as it is helpful in decreasing swelling, reducing stress, and relieving pains and aches. A therapist usually uses specially designed massage pillows that help pregnant women to get into a comfortable position.  Pregnancy massage can be customized to a woman’s particular needs, which is the most attractive feature of this massage.


Also coined as foot massage, this entails applying pressure to certain points on the foot. These specific yet significant points then correspond to your organs and give a calming experience. Reflexology is recommended for those individuals who have achy feet or stand all day on their feet.

They are some of the most famous massage therapies used worldwide, which are best to refresh and rejuvenate oneself. Since each is slightly different from other therapies and benefits, you should have a clear idea which massage is suitable for you.

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