Men Hair Trends of 2014

Men Hair Trends

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There is a bit of difference between the trends of hair for men and women, women’s hair trends change much too quickly whereas the men’s hair trends evolve slowly and this is the total summary of the latest trend of men’s hair in the year 2014, they all have a touch of the past in them and are not total transformations from the previous years as you see in those of women.

Some of the hairstyles are new and contemporary while others still come off as retro which has recently come back into fashion. We are going to show to you the top 5 new hair trends for the men in the year 2014.

Slicked Back Undercut

The Mafioso look that has recently been inspired by a lot of gangster movies that are seen these days, this new hairdo is gaining a lot of popularity and many celebrities are opting for this new hair trend that makes it the number one trend for the year 2012.   This type of hair cut is ideal for stair hair and the hair that can be straightened.

Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle

This new hair style was inspired by the British indie band, this new hair style is all about representing the casual, relaxed and laid back style of living. It’s not very hard to execute, all you have to really do is sweep all your hair to the forehead. This hair cut can be pulled off by the people who have straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair that can easily be relaxed.

Rockabilly Hairstyle

This hair cut has already been in existence for the past two years but clearly it has not grown old since people are very much interested in this look. It’s a lot more bold and has a lot more attitude than other hair styles which is what makes it the preferred choice of hair style for ramps and fashion shows.  If you have straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair then you can easily pull off this look.

Men’s Quiff

This hairstyle is a blast from the past and it was only popular in the days when rock was the anthem of the nation but this edgy quaff has now made a comeback onto the spotlight and is a lot more redefined in the year 2012. This hair style showcases a whole another personality and attitude of an individual.

Select the hairstyle that you feel suits you best and be in style in the year 2014 with these amazing hair styles that will definitely have heads turning towards you.

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