Flattering & Chic Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Chic Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Image Source: unsplash.com/Tamara Bellis

If you have an oval face, count yourself among the lucky ones because it is the most versatile face shape. While many wish to have an oval face, you can flaunt numerous hairstyles and cuts and enhance your looks.

The best part of having an oval face is one can keep her hair long as well as short. However, it is important that you choose a hairstyle that doesn’t make you look older than your age, and suits your personality and lifestyle.

Here are some most trendy and modish hairstyles that are most suitable for your ovate face.

Shoulder-Length Waves

While getting a haircut, your aim should be to reduce the length of your face and shoulder-length waves help you in achieving that. The waves draw out cheek bones and make your elongated face look slightly rounded.

Pixie Haircut

A pixie haircut is really short, but relax!

Pixie haircut implies shorter hair on the back and sides, but longer on the head. Since you have an oval face you can try the shortest haircuts unlike those who have faces of other shapes.

A pixie haircut is the most popular haircut among celebrities and many luminaries have revamped their image with a pixie. Moreover, you can style your pixie in variety of ways if you leave your bangs longer. In addition, a pixie haircut looks cute and sexy.

Side Parts & Bangs

Like shoulder-length waves, side parts also help in reducing the length of the face. Thus, parting your strands to the side is a great hairstyle for oval faces.

Similarly, bangs serve the same purpose.  Make sure that your bangs conceal your forehead, but don’t overwhelm your features. In addition, full bangs with choppy and uneven ends help to create a soft texture.

Curtain bangs is another suitable bang style for people with an oval face, which frames the face on either side and looks super cute. Likewise, side-swept style works well on oval faces, particularly those who have hairlines with widow’s peaks.

People with oval faces can also get textured baby bangs and short layered bangs, which will neither look heavy nor conceal their facial features.

Lower Ponytail

Go for a lower pony if you don’t have bangs or don’t want to have them.  Since oval faces don’t need to hide their features or chubbiness as it is in the case of round faces, a lower ponytail is an easier and a great hairstyle for an oval face.

A Sophisticated Bob

A bob cut doesn’t get out of fashion. The tousled hair shorter at the back and angled towards the jaw will help you show your strong chin. Thus, with an oval face, you can actually pull off bob haircut.

The Topknot Bun

The topknot bun looks gorgeous on oval faces. However, it is important to have a good hairline. This hairstyle will be a flop idea for those who have a widow’s peak.

Long Hair

Long hair looks great on people with oval faces, but it is important not to keep them too long that they make your face look elongated. Also, the length of your hair shouldn’t draw down or conceal your face.

Oval shape is the most desirable face shape all over the world since it is easier to carry variety of hairstyles with an oval face. However, it is important that one consults a professional hairstylist and takes his/her expert advice before opting for a specific hairstyle.

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