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Skin Care Tips for a Younger-Looking Skin
As you age, you fear losing the smoothness and glow of your skin because aging brings with it wrinkles, spots, and Crow’s feet.  In addition, your skin becomes, dry, loose and fragile and it no longer looks youthful.
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Skin Care Tips for Brides
A radiant skin makes every bride look beautiful on her wedding day.  A glowing and spotless skin, therefore, is one of the biggest dreams of a bride. However, the endless and tiresome wedding preparations can affect your health as well as skin and it is important to pamper your skin as soon as the wedding bells
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Changing Weather of Toledo, OH and Skin Care Tips
The changes in weather not only transform our ways of getting dressed, but affect our skin too.  Do you see any weather effects on your skin?
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Winter Makeup Guidelines for Oily Skin
A general perception about oily skin is ‘it sucks’ because it causes acne and is difficult to manage in different seasons. Oily skin is further underestimated when it comes to applying makeup.  In reality, despite some of its cons, it is better than dry skin and other skin types. Makeup doesn’t remain an issue when you know the ways to apply and hold it.
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A Guide to Skin Care in Winter
Are you scratching your skin? Relax, it is pretty normal in winter season because cold weather causes dryness and leaves your skin itchy. However, despite the effects of icy cold weather, you can still keep your skin moist, although this requires more than just using a moisturizer.
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