A Guide to Owning & Setting Out a Salon Business
The idea of owning a salon may trigger certain apprehensions, barriers and fears.
  • You fear you won’t be followed by your clients and lose your customer-base.
  • You have apprehensions and fears regarding large overhead, utility costs, employees and the huge responsibility of supervising and managing them.
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Fixing the Frizz
Waking up with frizzy hair is so exasperating. After all, it takes efforts to make them look straight, smooth and shiny and it gets frustrating to fight frizz every day.
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Popular Men Hairstyles in 2015
Men’s Quiff, Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle and Rockability Hairstyle are the tales of 2014 and it is time to say goodbye to these hairstyles which have become old and have been replaced by some new and stylish hairstyles.
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Why You Should Visit a Massage Therapist Once a While in Toledo, OH
Massage therapy is neither a fashion nor a trend. It is, in fact, a necessity and everyone should visit a massage therapist once in a while since many health benefits are associated with it. However, many people have misconceptions about bearing pressure and they feel reluctant and uncomfortable because of nudity factor involved in most of the massage therapies. Are you one of them?
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