Tips to Solve Winter Hair Woes
The annual chill brings with it chapped lips and dry & flaky skin. The cold and gusty days of winter are equally ruthless for your hair too. While dryness and low temperature creates and imbalance in the hair roots and scalp, frizzy and static hair, split ends and brittle strands of hair are the season’s biggest woes too. The bruised, brittle and lifeless hair are a havoc,
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Five Fall Hairstyles for Every Woman
Fall brings a crisp weather and numerous new fashions. Since a new season implies adopting new trends and styles, fall is the perfect time to give yourself a new look with some chic and eccentric hairstyles and cuts.
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Skin Care Tips for a Younger-Looking Skin
As you age, you fear losing the smoothness and glow of your skin because aging brings with it wrinkles, spots, and Crow’s feet.  In addition, your skin becomes, dry, loose and fragile and it no longer looks youthful.
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Skin Care Tips for Brides
A radiant skin makes every bride look beautiful on her wedding day.  A glowing and spotless skin, therefore, is one of the biggest dreams of a bride. However, the endless and tiresome wedding preparations can affect your health as well as skin and it is important to pamper your skin as soon as the wedding bells
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