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About Select Salon Studios

Select Salon Studios was founded and created to help salon professionals enjoy the freedom and independence of owning their own salon without the large overhead and risk of opening a traditional salon. It allows the salon professional the opportunity to operate their business within their own private studio while being a part of a community of salon professionals that are operating their business under the same location. It gives the advantage of networking with other professionals to grow your business, while providing your own private studio to help protect from the “gossip and drama” associated with many traditional salons.

Select Salon Studios is an upscale, hip and luxurious Salon Studio that is targeted toward established hair stylists, color specialists, nail techs, estheticians, massage therapists and other salon professionals looking to own and operate their own business in an upscale-relaxed environment.

This concept is ideally suited for the salon professional that is looking for more freedom in controlling their own schedule, setting their own pricing, selling their own retail products and keeping the lions share of the profits!
If this concept sounds appealing to you please give us a call today to set-up your own private tour…


At Select Salon Studios you will feel proud and excited to operate your own salon in such a nice upscale environment. In addition, your clients will feel pampered with all the amazing amenities. Below are some of the amenities that come with your salon studio…

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We are a community of salon professionals and there is no better way to envision yourself at Select Salon Studios other than looking at our photo page. These photos are updated from time-to-time so feel free to check-in at your leisure….

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