A Guide to Beautiful Feet & Clean Toenails

Beautiful Feet Clean Toenails

Image Source: unsplash.com/Juja Han

Just like hands and face, our feet also require care, but are you taking enough care of them?

Our feet are the most neglected part of our body although they are one of the most used parts of the body. We walk and run daily and our feet sweat and smell bad. Don’t they?

While you might be looking after your hands, it is essential to pay heed to feet as well, because dirty toenails, and rough and smelly feet give bad impression no matter how radiant your face is or how beautiful you look.

Caring for feet isn’t a big deal. Following are some simple ways to pamper your feet:

Wash Your Feet Daily

You should wash your feet daily as they tend to get sweatier and dirtier more than other parts of body. Wash them twice a day to maintain hygiene. When you wash your feet at night, you take clean and dirt-free feet on your bed. Besides, washing feet twice a day daily is a good sanitary habit.

A suggestion here is to wash the feet and spaces between the toes thoroughly in order to keep them from dirt and bacteria. Don’t forget to clean the toenails while washing your feet.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

Moisturizing feet is an everyday task. Keep them moisturized using cream or foot lotion, which will help you achieve soft feet. In fact, rub petroleum jelly and wear socks before going to bed to alleviate dryness of your feet.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

 Your shoes should be comfortable regardless of the occasion. It is essential for the health of your feet. Thus, wear right shoes in every season.

Eliminate Odor & Bad Smell

Bacteria accumulate quickly on feet and produce a bad odor. It is, therefore, important to change socks daily. If the problem is severe, change your socks as soon as they get damp with sweat. In addition, keep your shoes clean. Another way to get rid of odor is to use foot powder which keep the feet odor-free.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Damp or wet feet are prone to getting fungal infections and Athlete’s foot. They can cause rashes and itchiness. However, it is possible to keep your feet from these infections by maintaining a hygienic routine. Don’t allow your socks to get wet and avoid wearing damp socks because dampness is a perfect environment for the growth of fungus.

Keep Your Nails Clean & Trimmed

The beauty of toenails isn’t in their length, but how clean they are. Thus, wash your nails when washing feet and keep them trimmed. File them and enhance their appearance with frequent pedicures. Get them shaped according to your choice and visit a nail specialist to get nail some nail art ideas, which are a very chic way to improve the appearance of toenails.

Our feet reflect our sanitary habits and our cleanliness. You may neglect them, but people notice and you don’t want to repel anyone or do you?

For more suggestions, visit a salon and consult experts regarding feet care.

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