6 Sassy Hairstyles to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Image Source: unsplash.com/Shot by Cerqueira

The winters have shown up a little late this time but, the cool and sassy hairstyle options that you can flaunt outdoors in the cold makes up for that. Stay in top form in winter can be tricky, since most of us are hiding inside coats, jackets and scarves. So, to make sure you play your fashion cards well in winter, here is one thing you need to be sure of – your hairstyle!

Check out our best picks for the winter wedding season here:

1. The Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a very sassy and classy hairdo for a winter wedding or any party. It may sound difficult, but it really is easy – it’s a reverse French braid. You have to put braid strands under one another than over. You can opt for a side Dutch braid or a mid-partition Dutch braid with open hair. It’s cool, it’s sassy and the perfect hairstyle to make a statement!

2. Collarbone Length Bob

The best thing about having short hair is that you can do lots with it. This no-fuss collarbone length bob gives a very chic look and adds volume and bounce to your hair. Short hair is easy to care for – you can give you self a quick blow dry with wavy or straight ends, and backcomb for some extra volume. Easy to style up!

3. Voluminous Swiss Bun

The Swiss bun never goes out of fashion, and hence made it to our list. It’s great for curly hair, as the hair sets well. Make a voluminous Swiss bun with a nice big stud on the side. A chunky hairpin is also a great option to fashion up your hairdo. It’s neat, tidy and really easy to carry around. Wear some sparkly studs along with this style to keep the look chic, classy and glamorous.

4. The Chic Short Bob

The short bob is likely never to die out. It’s the ultimate go-to hairstyle and that’s exactly why we love it so much. It’s a hairstyle expert’s haven. If you got straight here, or loose wavy hair, then this style is just for you. This style goes well throughout the year, winter or summer!

5. Off-the-shoulder Curls

This hairdo is perfect for any red carpet event, or a every formal wedding. With a dramatic side parting, and all your hair on one shoulder, this one is just the right style for a glamorous evening. Comb your hair to one side, and let the hair falling on the shoulder be in loose curls. If you’ve got wavy hair, you may even leave the ends as is without any gel or hair spray.

6. Wavy Bob

I know, I know. This one is the third bob in the list, but hey – we love bobs! And a wavy bob is just the right hairstyle for a wedding guest or even a bridesmaid. It’s easy to maintain, looks sassy and is one smashing option for a casual evening with friends. It’s not just us, the wavy bob is making raves in celeb land too! Emma Watson has ditched her long hair for this chin-length lob. We’re loving it. Aren’t you too?

Winter weddings or not, you can surely pull of these classy, chic, edgy, hairstyles with ease. So, which one is your favorite? I think I’ll take collarbone length bob – yes, I got that too!

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