4 Cute Hair Styles For the Winter

Cute Hair Styles For the Winter

Image Source: unsplash.com/Lindsay McGrath

It won’t be long until the winter is upon us with its full might. Some parts of the country are already feeling the effects as windy winds from the Eastern coast come gushing in. This change of seasons prompts a change in lifestyle. Hairstyles are no different. In that sense, a change in hair style is no different from a change of wardrobe; it’s all done to customize you according to the weather.

You can change your look without as much as a haircut this winter. In today’s post we will highlight a few distinct hair styles for the winter season for our readers.

High Braided Bun

A complex look for some, but nevertheless exotic, the High Braided look fabulous on most face shapes. It’s easy to pull off. Tie up a tight high ponytail. Do so with an elastic tie, but keep in mind that its colour should match your hair so as to hide it. Divide the pony tail into three sections and then braid and secure the hair with a second elastic, same colour. Hold up the braid and then twist it around itself. Finally to conclude the look, use bobby pins to secure your head. You’re done!

Large Ponytail

A large ponytail shows attitude, boldness and dominance. Making a ponytail is easy but there is a catch. The pony needs to be sexy and fluffy! Some might find it difficult to combine these two words together but its possible. Simply backcomb your hair to give it that messy look and then add a cute headband to go with it. Now you’re a force to be reckoned with.

The French Braid

The French always do things old school and this is no different. This is a very fun hairstyle, great for making a comeback of sorts. You will need some help with this one. Keep a friend handy or preferably a hair stylist. One thing to be mindful of is accessories. This look can’t be pulled off without them. Just make sure that you compliment the French Braid with flirty accessories to enhance your look.

Curl It Over Pony

Let’s keep the focus on pony’s. We mentioned the long one, this one is a curled version that is just as good on the eyes visually. Just so we’re clear, we’re not talking about Annie-style curls. It’s more of a classic wave in your pony that brings you the beauty in anyone dressed for an occasion or even those who are wearing casual. Do you like rocking bangs? Then this is the look for you.

Get ready for the winter in style. Try these amazing hair style to bring out the new you.

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