3 Hair Styles You Will Love This Winter

Hair Styles You Will Love This Winter

Image Source: unsplash.com/Jakob Owens

Hair styles change with every season. It only makes sense because just as people change their clothing to dress according to the weather, so should they later dress according to the season. With the coming winter season, it is even more imperative to make sure you are looking weather-friendly and still retaining your elegant beauty and looks.

In today’s post we will talk about 3 hair styles that are great for the winter and not so difficult to pull off.

The Audrey

An amazing style that brings out the inner you. You will be the center of attention with those gorgeous loose waves with lots of volume. Here is how to pull off the Audrey hair style.

  • Spray thermal protection to hair.
  • Curl sections a section of hair using a large barrel iron.
  • Roll the section and pin in place.
  • Curl and set the rest of the hair.
  • Unpin the set when the hair has cooled.
  • Run fingers through hair.
  • Set with hairspray.

The Victoria

The notable thing about this hairstyle is that it brings out the beauty of the eyes. They sweep away from the face and on the sides showing off layers and textures making for a more composed and elegant look. Here is how to pull that look off. Do the following to achieve this hair style.

  • Apply a styling product to wet hair.
  • Blow dry sections of hair starting from the bottom using a round brush.
  • After blow drying one section, roll the hair into the round brush and let it hang.
  • Use another round brush to blow dry and set the next station.
  • Alternate brushes and repeat the process until all sections of hair are dry and set.
  • Set with a finishing spray.

The Savannah

Talk about taking elegance to a whole new level that would rival royalty. This winter hair style is all about long cascading curls with the crown teased back for volume and a side swept fringe that makes for an extra pretty style.

  • Apply thermal protection to hair.
  • Curl sections of hair using a medium barrel iron.
  • Tease sections of hair on top of the head all back. Make sure that there is no parting except for the parting created by the side swept fringe.
  • Smooth the fringe to the side with a flat iron.

These are some of the tried and tested hair styles for the winter. They make a great contrast with any dress and compliment any occasion.

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